Sunday, October 14, 2007


I waited by the glowing light in case you passed by.

You passed me by before, when I was a young girl
I had such fantasies!
of who I would love and what would love be...

Come to the River -
We can take off our clothes
Jump in the water
get the mud in between our toes
its so cold in there,
and it touches all my skin...
We can lie with just our noses out
like crocodiles waiting...

Love to you all from Elle, UK

Wires by Elle

Telephone wires criss-crossed
Divided up the sky
Which once was flat into oscillating shapes
As the train troubled by...

You said the only thing
You Can Be Certain Of In Life
was certainly misery...
oh so whats the point in getting up

What's the point in washing?
when there's always so much dirt.
What's the point in moving when we cannot move the earth.

When we said goodbye the rain came down.
Is slid by sideways
it covered all the iron and wood
and litter and lice and leaves
and divided up the sky.


Lament to My Cunt.
Oh, wide meadow of sweet grass, open your wild flowers
bee-kissed and stung, bring back the butterflies
and birdsong
Drifting pollen yellow breeze gently please
blow away the polluted air
Breathe again the sunlight and the morning's night
Vacate the beasts that lurk within
bring them out from the wet jungle
Expose their shining eyes to the world
let their wilderness go...
Lament their death and grieve their lives.
They have ravaged your forests
and made them a dangerous place
They have broken the eggshells in their nests.
The dinosaurs have gone
but we are still unsafe.
Lament to my cunt,
Vessel! On my seas...
You have been tossed on the storm!
you have ridden the waves.
I will let the seas calm and clear the toxic oils
that float in marble pools.
Lament, return the lawnmower buzzing loudly
and lock it in the barn.
Roll into the haystacks and yawn,
lie there quietly.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

In Kerela (South India) a hindu saint called Amma is teaching tollerance and love, she travells internationally giving teachings and darshan (hugs), so far she has hugged over 21 million people. I visited her ashram and have a quote I would like to share, her website is

"Only when you learn to love everyone equally will true freedom emerge. Untill then you are bound. You are the slave of your ego and mind"

The Cat and the Pussycat

The Cat and the Pussycat went to sea in a beautiful pea-green boat.

They took some money and plenty of honey wrapped up in a five pound note.

As you can see they were free and had plenty of space to gloat.

It was terribly funny to sup on honey on a blue pool all afloat.

In a swimming pool in the night.

In a silver pool of soap.

By Caroline, 22, Norwich, UK

Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Poem by Rosie Snajdr

Rosie Snajdr, 23, Cambridge, UK

If i haven't the heart to tell you
again, as when once we
lay in sheets of rain
those real words you
didn't like my mouth
to say it's this: nothing
has changed i am the same

and if i haven't the sense
to play your accomplice
in this delicate erasure only
and scatter the dirt we tracked
upon that wet day's grave
to throw a deathly lie a wake
to hang my heart for shame

and if i haven't the will
to contemplate consequence
to lie about another or whatever
you say you must do
nothing is changing
is changing my love
nothing is changing
nothing we do

Street Crud by Rhoda Gamble

This was written by me when I was 17, when I had no self respect for my self and was really low on self esteem, I just fellt really down in general and the only way I could describe it was putting it into a sort of poem.

Rhoda Gamble, 23, Newcastle, UK


What am I, who am I
What can I do to tell
Where do I get my standards from
To measure me so well

What do others think of me
What image do I portray
I look at my reflection
And ask it everyday

I look in the mirror
What do I really see
Is it the person others make
Or is it really me?

The inner fear of others thoughts
Torment me everyday
Not happy with the face that I see
I often turn away

What if I do not conform
And become a fashion clone
will they turn, reject my love
Will I then be alone?

When the fear inside me swells
Being separate from the crowd
I look for those to pick upon
To make my self feel proud

The lowest form of feeling good
Is to tread upon another
To make them feel unwanted
So my ego can recover

Fragile ego, insecure,
Low esteem and shame
Is this what I really feel
When someone calls my name?

I feel shy not number one
Not easy with my self
Will I one day find true love
Or be left upon a shelf

They're trendy so they must be right
They're in, they all achieve
I'm not, I'm wrong, I'm only me
Not worthy to believe.

Just hold it there, just wait a sec
Take time to stop and think
What is it you tell yourself
That puts you on the brink

Is this how it really is
Or is it in your mind
Do we see ourselves like this
Or to ourselves be blind?

To be the you that you can be
The you locked up inside
Free yourself from deep within
No longer there to hide

You must believe in who you are
In all that you can do
And be prepared to give your heart
To others just like you

Through doing this that you will find
That others do the same
To give and not to ask return
To others just like you

And after you begin to like
the person in the glass
The one that used to turn away
Is now your friend at last